Delighting Consumers

In order to remain successful in the long term, we strive to continuously surprise and delight our consumers with innovative, premium chocolate products. We assume a high level of responsibility toward our consumers by ensuring trans-parent communications, product quality, and product safety.

Transparent and Responsible Communication

We are committed to communicate transparently and mar-ket responsibly. In line with our Responsible Marketing Policy, we specifically avoid advertising to children, en-courage responsible consumption, and provide nutritional transparency.

Product Quality and Safety

We have an all-encompassing quality management system and strict requirements for our chocolate. Comprehensive internal and external controls ensure that our chocolate meets our high-quality standards all around the world.

Our Main Commitments to Delighting Consumers

Transparent and Responsible Communication

"We market and advertise our products according to national and international laws."

Product Quality / Product Safety 

"We continuously comply with the quality and food safety standards of Lindt & Sprüngli."